Feb 232012

If you just want the relevant info on Pocatello endurance events skip past the first 6 paragraphs of rambling.  If you want to be inspired, entertained and indoctrinated just keep reading.  WARNING:  this document is 1500 words long, or 1200 words past most runner attention spans.  I will cut it up and re-email it as […]

Nov 112011

I know for some of you this will be about 11 hours of notice, and for some 11 minutes but it is and ODD day.

Nov 012011

This may be re-hash for most of you but I have been getting a lot of emails from people asking questions which are answered in the standard info sheet.  I have also expanded the info sheet to clarify some points.

Oct 242011

Just Cuz Half Marathon training is winding down.  This week meet At Centennial park on Tuesday.  The bus leaves at 5:45.  Group warm-ups are a 5:35 for those interested. On Thursday the same schedule applies but we will leave from the LDS church.

Oct 132011

The Just Cuz training runs continue tonight at the LDS church at the base of Mink Creek Road.  The vans pull out at 6pm so be there a bit early to catch a ride and possibly do some warm-ups set to music.